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Johns Creek mayor candidate profile:

Bodker seeks ‘last term’ as Johns Creek mayor



Mayor Mike Bodker says this will be his last political race, win or lose, but he still has unfinished business regarding traffic and preserving the city’s residential character.

Age: 52

Family: Wife – Lisa, Children – Keri, Jake and Emma

Education: BBA in Accounting from University of Georgia

Occupation: Consultant

What are your reasons for entering this race?

I would like to use what would be my last term as mayor to focus on protecting our premier residential character while partnering with our community to thoughtfully design our TSPLOST (roads projects) and parks bond projects.

Equally important is the eventual completion of our Comprehensive Plan.

Finally, I want to ensure that our city continues the sound fiscal footing that we have begun. Under my leadership as mayor, Johns Creek became only one of 199 cities in the United States – out of 20,000 – with a triple-A bond rating.

I’ll continue implementing conservative fiscal policies.

What qualifications, experience or skills make you the best choice for this seat?

Your chief elected officer needs to be experienced. This is a tough job requiring leadership, executive management and financial management skills.

It also requires strong relationships with civic, business and elected leaders. I have cultivated the proper experience and relationships to continue delivering real results for our citizens.

I have had my hand on the wheel of Johns Creek since before its creation, and today our city is widely recognized as the premier residential community in Georgia, as well as the safest city in the state. Real results require real leadership.

What do you see as the most important issue before the city to solve first?

I will continue to work on traffic relief and improving our roads, while protecting our city’s residential character. Traffic is a metro Atlanta-wide problem, and is not unique to Johns Creek. 

As mayor, I led the effort to successfully repave 95 miles of neighborhood roads and 60 miles of main roads. I also led the effort to create 41 new miles of improved connectivity with new sidewalks and trails. 

Surrounding communities like Alpharetta, Roswell, Duluth and South Forsyth continue to add significant development, and this brings traffic to Johns Creek.

I will continue to make decisions that control the traffic within Johns Creek while continuing to work on the problem caused by those outside of Johns Creek.  

I will continue to lead to ensure that the transportation funding approved by the voters of Johns Creek last November is invested wisely on road projects that have a direct impact on traffic reduction. 

Too often people who run for political office make grandiose claims without any real experience or previous effort. The reality is that real results require real leadership.

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