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DUI suspect strikes multiple homes



JOHNS CREEK, Ga.— Officers responding to a call of a car striking a home found the alleged driver had also caused serious damage to her own home.

Based on evidence at the scene, officers noted the driver had pulled out of a garage at her home, had struck a neighboring property, and then had gone directly back into the garage, causing extensive damage.

The driver struck the partition separating the garage bays and struck two solid steel support beams, knocking one down. Based on tire evidence, the car was still accelerating when it struck the second support beam which stopped the car.

Responding officers located a female and male passed out inside their home on the floor of the living room. Officers attempted to wake the female but she was unresponsive and transported to the hospital. An interview with the man revealed the female was driving the car, and he admitted that both had consumed “large quantities” of alcohol.

The driver was later arrested for DUI.

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