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Eliminating bad apples



Do some of your employees always cause problems in your small business? Are these same employees impacting your business culture in a negative way? Just like one bad apple will spoil the bushel, a bad employee will do the same with all of your employees.

There is a big difference between an employee who is not performing well and an employee who is causing problems all the time. Performance-related issues are much easier to deal with than employees who are always causing problems. Why? Because they most likely are affecting the performance of everyone else.

Employees who are discontent with their job cause problems with your customers and impact your employees. They are doing far more damage to your business than a poor performer. Being on the lookout for these types of employees is key. Often times their behavior goes unnoticed by management but is very visible by their colleagues.

Most often, these bad apples have negative attitudes, they complain a lot, and they share their infectious comments with everyone they can. They typically place blame on anyone but themselves and never, ever offer solutions to problems or issues they talk about.

Disgruntled employees take up time and energy and impact everyone within shouting distance. Be aware that you may have such an employee, keep your eyes open to spot them, give them a fair shot to change their behavior, and terminate them quickly if things don’t change. Eliminating bad apples will increase the likelihood of success in your small business.

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