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Johns Creek City Council Post 3 candidate profile:

Horton says Johns Creek in transition from ‘start-up city’



As Johns Creek continues to grow, it must have a plan for that growth, and Post 3 candidate Vicki Horton says she has the qualifications and temperament to get the job done.

Age: 52

Family: One daughter

Education: University of Akron: AB in computers and BS in secondary education; Cleveland State University: Masters of Public Administration with specialty in economics and economic development

Occupation: Business owner and partner in businesses focused on corporate location strategy, community development and apprenticeship program development and funding

What are your reasons for getting in this race?

I am running because I know I can help us transition Johns Creek from a startup city to a mature city. I have a very unique set of skills that are directly related to the requirements of a City Council member and the issues facing Johns Creek now and in the future.

I have helped community leadership, residents and businesses for 25 years navigate the same issues we face including:

  • Residential involvement and inclusion
  • Land use planning
  • Traffic
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic base development
  • Mayor and Council education, coaching and facilitation

What qualifications, experience or skills make you the best choice for this seat?

I have direct work experience dealing with the issues that face us now and in the future as well as academic credentials directly related to public administration.

Being an effective council member takes experience and the right personality to get the job done successfully. I am an authentic, consistent person who is steady and unwavering. But I am willing to compromise when it is clear that is required to lead to the optimal outcome for all.

I will:

  • Find common ground and work together.
  • Do my research.
  • Ask questions.
  • Make decisions that are in the best interest of our residents, businesses and schools.
  • Be focused on a holistic approach.
  • Lead by example.
  • Be a person who will always hold my council mates and myself accountable.

What do you see as the most important issue before the city to solve first?

Our most important issue is the interconnectedness of all our issues. Whether it is traffic, land-use planning, over-development, aging population – each of these issues affects the others.

For example, we cannot effectively discuss land use without addressing our traffic congestion issues.

Likewise, if we just focus on traffic then we will miss opportunities to provide our residents with the amenities they want and need, such as parks and recreation areas.

We must take real holistic action on all issues. This process will most likely mean we need to make choices and compromise in order to reach a result that is optimal for and based on the vision of all the residents, businesses and schools in Johns Creek.

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