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Johns Creek City Council Post 3 candidate profile:

Venco wants to involve citizens more, end divisiveness



Mark Venco, a 20-year resident, wants to give residents the opportunity to be more involved in decision making where their neighborhoods are involved. He also wants the City Council to have more cohesion in solving problems.

Age: 50

Family: Wife Lisa; Sons Luke and Matthew

Education: Bachelor of Science, electrical engineering New York Institute of Technology

Occupation: Sales management

What are your reasons for getting in this race?

After becoming actively involved in City Council meetings, work sessions, public hearings and as a member of the Johns Creek Citizens Advisory Committee, I very quickly realized the process was broken in how the city approached solving problems/issues in representing the residents within the city of Johns Creek.

The worst part is that the divisiveness has gotten so bad between two core groups, that candidates are not running to create solutions in improving our city but instead out of personal spite for one another. My decision to run for council is to be a voice to mediate this situation and provide a louder voice for the homeowners. We need to get back to collaboration and addressing the issues facing us over the next four years.

What qualifications, experience or skills make you the best choice for this seat?

I am a problem solver by nature. My 25-plus years in corporate management includes financial responsibility up to $190 million to executive management. My product/project management experience has taught me how to present solutions to various audiences to show them the value of my solutions.

My engineering background allows me to come up with sound ideas to generate iterative dialogue to come up with the best solution with others.

That, coupled with community experience as:

  • A Citizens Advisory Committee member working on the 20-year Comprehensive Plan
  • A former Johns Creek Community Association Board Member
  • A City of Johns Creek Noise Ordinance Committee member

I believe these are relevant to helping residents determine the future of Johns Creek over the next four years coming up with real solutions, and not just talk.

What do you see as the most important issue before the city to solve first?

Our approach. Transportation is a problem. Consultants we have used have been a huge problem, not listening to residents.

Mixed-use development is a problem. We need to allow residents a greater voice to what happens in their backyards. A resident in St. Ives shouldn’t be deciding what happens in Newtown or Shakerag.

My proposal for 11 Residential Nodes would allow for a greater local voice for homeowners to addressing their local issues that affect them day-to-day.

That, coupled with my suggestion for a Homeowners H.O.A Bill of Rights, will help residents within their subdivision and in addition to have a greater voice within the city. Our process is broken. We need to fix that first in order to come up with the best solutions facing Johns Creek residents.

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