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Woman finds ex-boyfriend hiding in closet



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A woman came home after midnight Aug. 29 after a shopping trip, only to find her ex-boyfriend run out of her closet while wearing a mask.

The woman had been napping on her bed with her dog, when she heard a strange noise and the dog started barking. When she looked up, she saw that her closet door was partially open.

As soon as she started to close the door, a man with gloves and a mask on ran out and bolted toward the bedroom door.

The woman started to scream, at which point the man turned around and told her to “calm down.” He pulled off the mask, and she recognized him as her ex-boyfriend. They broke up in June and had not spoken since.

The man said he missed her before the woman chased him out while recording the interaction. She had not given him a key or permission to be in the house.

Police found that one of the bottom floor windows was unlocked and the screen had been removed. The woman had a “small abrasion” on the inside of her left elbow from the scuffle.

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